About Dave

My name is Dave and I am a fully qualified DSA approved driving instructor. 

I have been teaching in the area since 2005 and have many very satisfied customers. Please feel free to check out my feedback page and also comments left of my Facebook page.

I have a lot of driving experience in many different parts of the Uk and abroad, I used to offer both Manual and Automatic driving lessons but from 2015 I now specialise in Automatic lessons.

I aim to offer good value tuition at a level that is appropriate to you. Everyone is different and I always aim to tailor each lessons to the student.

Please bear in mind when comparing prices that cheapest price is not always the best value. If the lesson price is cheap you will probably take longer to learn or pass so therefore the overall cost is often higher.

I cover far more than the basics you need to pass your test. In order to prepare you for driving once you have passed your test I will teach you in as wide a variety of situations and locations as is practically and safely possible.

You are paying me to teach you to drive so as much time as is practical during your lessons will be spend driving , not parked at the side of the road chatting about what was on TV last night.

I always aim to create a relaxing environment for you to learn in, I will always remain calm during lessons and will try hard not to add to the stress of learning to drive.

You will always receive my full attention during a lesson - I will not answer the phone or run errands during your lesson time.

I have considerable experince and sucess with nervous and more mature students, so if you lack confidence or think you are too old to start learning please get in touch. I am very patient and will allow you to learn at a pace that is approprate for you.

I will try my upmost to make sure your lesson starts on time and runs to the full length that you have booked.

Thank you for reading, please get in touch if you have any questions.

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