Automatic Lessons

I started offering Automatic lessons in 2013 and have enjoyed helping a lot of people who previously thought they would never drive realise their dreams. 
Driving a manual car is not for everyone, there are lots of people who make very good drivers once they have  moved away from a manual into an automatic, so if you are struggling with gears and the clutch why not make the change.

Benifts of the Automatic.

No clutch control to master.
No worries about which gear you are in.
No rolling back on a slope.
No stalling.
Much more time to process what is going on around you and therfore more time to plan ahead....
If you are starting from scratch the learning time is much shorter.
Much less stressful for nervous students.
Much easier for thoses with mobility issuies.

Downsides of the Automatic.

A slightly smaller choice of car
Slightly higher running costs.
Thats about it !