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Dave instilled confidence in me very quickly and taught me to be a safe and courteous driver. He was patient with my endless questions (believe me, I didn't stop asking!) and made me feel at ease at all times. I would highly recommend him in the stunning Scottish Highlands for driving lessons!......Su Nubia Passed July 2016

By the time I started driving with Dave I had already been through two instructers driving a manual car both times.
I didn't connect with these instructors and manual driving always had me panicked and stressed because I couldn't figure out clutch control or gear changes. Part of this was because of my learning disability - dyscalculia. My judgement was poor when it came to spaces and I just didn't feel I was meant to drive. My parents organised a lesson with Dave and I promised to give it a good try in the automatic. It was my last ditch attempt at driving and to be honest I didn't believe it would work. I didn't believe I could be taught because of my issue.

I was incredibly wrong! Dave was absolutely amazing. Not only was he patient, funny and a good laugh, he found ways to teach me which worked for someone like me. When my judgement was poor on spacing he taught me awesome little tricks to overcome it. He went the extra mile for me everytime and I loved our lessons together. Dave turned me from someone who hated driving with very little faith in herself to someone who achieved her license and loves to drive. Poor Dave even dealt with my mad rambling as I drove. I spoke absolute nonsense and he was fun enough to go along with me and laugh with me. He gave me something I didn't think I could get. He's more than your driving instructor. He's your friend and like all good friends he's there for you in every way and never lets you down. 

Thank you so much Dave. I couldn't of gotten here without you. You really are awesome. Good luck in all your future endeavours and I will miss you terribly! 

Kindest Regards

Rachel....Passed June 2016

Fantastic! I thoroughly recommend Right Approach. Dave's patience and calm nature made the whole (previously nerve wracking!) learning process into such a positive experience! .........Sarah Clark Passed June 2016

If you only get the chance to go to one driving trainer this year make sure that it is 'right approach', 
leading man Dave Lyons is calm and unflappable in his role as the instructor.

***** Highly recommended

Tracy Whyte, 32, passed first time, thanks to Dave! Passed May 2016

Cant believe where the time has gone! Giving a huge thank you to Dave for helping me pass just over a year ago already with only 1 minor fault!!So glad he was recommended and I'll certainly keep recommending him for any friends or family looking to learn in an automatic, I've never had someone be so friendly and patient.Just a shame about the pass photo... Haha

Thank you right approach!!...Rachel Stewart Passed May 2015

Passed first time at 43!!  Oh my goodness, Dave is a godsend. Reminds me a wee bit of one of the hairy bikers, but he is just fabulous. I was extremely nervous and he taught me how to drive and be safe, not just how to pass. He is so patient and even put up with my Tourette's that I developed when I got behind the wheel!
Seriously this is the way to learn to drive and feel confident when you finally get your own car.
It may seem expensive as there are no discounts for bock booking, but he's fab! Well worth it.....Shirley Gibb passed April 2016

Thanks Dave for your time I so please thet I meet you . I pass first time :) you are the best driving instructor:) xxx .........Aneta Michalaska Passed April 2016

I'm 39 but had never thought of automatic driving lessons but I tried and never looked back. I was a tad nervous but Dave was patient and understanding. Didn't rush you. Let you take things at your own pace. I passed 1st time with 2 minors and this is down to Daves guidance. Thank you Dave....Kevin Woodrow passed March2016

I passed my test recently all thanks to Dave. I've previously had two different driving instructors and I'm happy to say Dave is nothing like normal instructors. He won't teach you how to drive based on just passing one test, he teaches you to drive safely, independently and with confidence for whatever you could face on the road. I was on the verge of giving up driving entirely, until I had my first lesson. If you're looking for a excellent instructor who is genuinely patient, Dave is your guy. Thank you so much for everything!...Rosita Scott passed March 2016

After putting off learning to drive for nearly 22 years, I finally plucked up the courage to give Dave a call and book my very first lesson.....and I've never looked back! I passed my driving test first time! 
Dave, you are the most patient, considerate and understanding instructor and a genuine all round great guy. Thank you so much for everything and will be recommending you to everybody I really are never too old to learn....Kelly Dunbar Passed Feb 2016

I would like to say a huge thank you to Dave for everything he has done to help me pass first time this week I'm over the moon!! Couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor. You managed to get me the confidence I needed and was so patient with me throughout. Thanks for all your motivation and help, couldn't have done it without you! Highly recommended! Thanks again..Jay Whyte passed Feb 2016

Thanks so much for everything dave! Still can't believe I passed first time today. I couldn't be happier! After struggles with other instructors..Dave gave me my confidence back and had the patience and motivation I needed to see that it really wasn't impossible! Best instructor!....Kirsty Whyte passed Feb 2016

I want to say a very big Thank you to Dave.Thank you for teaching and coaching me to drive,for your patience and smart approach,while I was your student.I am still over all oceans and moon that I have passed,I really wanted it.You are excellent instructor and I will recommend you to everyone,who wants to learn to drive......Signe Passed Feb2016

Passed with Daves tuition!
Thankyou so much for your time and patience..and coping with my blonde moments!! Sian Evans Passed Feb 2016

Still can't believe I've passed! Thank you very much for helping me! All the best to you in the future....Stephanie Milne passed Feb 2016

...Dave its sinking in now and thanks so much for your patience with me. If you can teach me 'gobby' you can teach anybody. Had two driving instructors before and never connected. You are fab at your job.. So cool and calm. All the best to you and your family if and when you move. Going to miss our convos on a Saturday but i am excited to return to Pittodrie. Away to get half a season ticket as the boys missed out last season. Fiona Cowie Passed Jan 2016

Beverly Christie Passed 1st Attempt Dec 2015....Thank you Dave for getting me through my driving lessons and test, I will miss our Monday lessons but very happy to now be a driver. Thank you for your patience and your sense of humour you have a great way of giving confidence and advice and support. I will be happy to recommend you to my friends. :-D)))))

Valerie Taylor Pittendreigh Passed Nov 2015

Well done Nikki Lyndsay Passed 1st Attempt Nov 2015....Just wanted to say thank you so much Dave, I still can't believe I passed first time! I have no doubt this was because you are a great instructor. You are patient, honest and friendly and I highly recommend you to anyone considering taking automatic lessons. Thanks again.

 Linda lumsden Passed 1st Attempt Nov 2015

Thank you so so much Dave. I never thought I'd be this person holding the certificate. But thanks to you, I did it.....and I got it right the first time. Thank you! ... 
Dave is the best instructor I've ever come across. 
I had a driving instructor who was terrible. I was nearly calling it quits after I'd spent so much in the past with driving lessons. Till I started my lessons with Dave. .
My confidence was restored and i began to believe in my abilities. Passed my test on my first attempt with only 3 minor faults. I owe all my driving success and knowledge to Dave....Francine Ray Passed Oct 2015

Thank you Dave for all your encouragement, patience and your relaxed attitude helped me not stressing out....... I think it's finally starting to sink in that I've passed ... Arlene Du Preeze - passed Oct 2015

 Well Done Agnieszka Nowaczyk passed Sept 2015
                                                             Abbie Mann Passed with no faults Aug 2015

 Alana Byrden, passed 1st attempt only 2 Faults Aug 2015

  Maggie Bayliss , passed 1st attempt only Aug 2015

Well I really can't thank Dave 

enough for teaching me let alone putting up with me during my time with him. It's still not quite sunk in yet that I've passed my test yet but I really couldn't have asked for a more perfect test, Dave got me calm and talked me through everything before hand and had every faith in me even when I didn't. Thank you again Dave for being so patient and understanding. Highly recommended!! Stacey Carpenter passed July 2015 at the 1st attempt and only 1 fault

Sorry it's taken so long to write this but quite honestly I've never been at home, always on the road🚘
A massive thank you to Dave Lyons for your endless patience and expert tuition on helping me pass my driving test 1st time at age 19 +27!!!
Having been with 3 instructors previously since the age of 17 and always struggling with the clutch / gear thing , learning to drive in the automatic car was tremendous, and something I didn't realise you could do!
I would recommend Dave to anyone who has issues with manual driving.
Thank you again and so miss our Monday afternoons...Karen Davidson Passed July 2015 at the 1st Attempt and only 2 faults

Thanks Dave, your help and guidance booted me in the right direction and made this possible Martin Duthie Passed July 2015

Would just like to say a massive thank you to Dave for lots of reassurance, encouragement and support which has helped to pass my test 1st time. You made all my lessons enjoyable with your relaxed way of teaching & you must the patience of a saint, haha! I would definitely recommend Dave for driving lessons.Thanks again. Katie McGillvary Turriff passed May 2015

Hi Dave, 

Please find below a testimonial for Right Approach, sorry for the delay. Thank you again for helping me pass my driving test, we're heading over to Banchory tomorrow to pick up our new automatic car smile emoticon

A huge thank you to Dave who helped me pass my driving test last week. I started as a very nervous learner and passed a confident driver. He is a very patient instructor which is perfect when leaning to drive. Would recommend to everyone. Emma Sim, Ellon, passed May 2015.

Kind regards,

Would have never thought, when I started my lessons a few months ago, that I'd have passed my test first time with 4 minors! Past instructors I have had made me feel that each lesson was a test and resulted in me hating driving. Dave is so chilled and puts no pressure on you, it makes you feel instantly relaxed so that you can enjoy learning and actually look forward to each lesson! Never ever thought I'd say that I love driving! Highly recommend Dave!! Nikki Mathers Inverurie Passed May 2015

well, still in shock that i actually passed my test! First time too! Very grateful to Dave for having lots and lots of patience to teach me and put up with my grumbling and the odd swearing 
wink emoticon Its going to be weird driving without your reassurance and encouragement . Highly recommend Right Approach Driver Training - Automatic Driving Lessons in a Mini for anyone who is nervous about learning to drive.
Thanks again!
Heidi Beddie Sandhaven Passed April 2015

If anyone is thinking about taking Driving lessons this year, I would highly recommend 
Dave Lyons from Right Approach Driver Training - Automatic Driving Lessons in a Mini Also teaching in Manuals. Dave is very content and has a brilliant attitude towards his Students. There was times I thought I would never get through it or over come my fears but with his constant guidance and honesty, I managed to Pass! I never felt under pressure at all and took it at my own pace. Thank you very much for your time and patience. 2015  Lisa Cooper Turrif passed April 2015

Dave I'm still buzzing with excitement. Can't believe I passed first time yayyyyy.

U were an absolute diamond and so patient with me. I went through many red lights and nearly ran people down lol jokes by the way.... U listened to me speak rubbish every lesson, U were brill and made me feel at ease when my nerves were at 100 and u brought me down to calm mode. I can't thank u enough. Great guy!!!
I will b forwarding ur number to many people.
Will miss my we'd lessons haha 
Thanks for everything  Emma Macdonald Kincorth Passed Feb 2015

Thank you Dave. I didn't have the confidence in my self to even think about driving last year. Thanks to my daughters for booking me in. I had the right instructor for me. Not a bad thing to say about him. Only positive. He done a great job in teaching me to drive. First time pass. I would never have believed it. Thank you very much. Linda Mearns Turriff passed Feb 2015

Hi Dave apologies for taking so long to write this! I would like to thank you for helping me pass my test first time! After having 2 previous instructors and dreading every lesson I never thought I would stick out another instructor let alone pass first time whilst heavily pregnant! You made learning to drive a great experience with your relaxed and unpatronising teaching methods. I would and have recommended you to anyone wanting to learn to drive!!! Rebecca Smith Oldmeldrum passed Feb 2015

Thank you so much to Dave for teaching me to drive. He is very patient and helpful. I passed first time today and I am over the moon, I would highly recommend Dave Ashley 
Towend Inverurie passed Feb 2015


Sorry for the time it has taken to send this but just wanted to thank you again for helping me get through my driving test.

Your patient, calm & relaxed approach to lessons made them enjoyable but also ensured you learned how to drive without feeling pressure to get everything right straight away. I will certainly will be recommending you to anyone looking to learn to drive.

After picking up my first car this week, my boys are delighted to get a lift from their daddy!!

Thanks again
Shayne Fordyce Kingswells passed Feb 2015

I'd just like to give a big thank you to Dave for helping me pass my driving test earlier today. Thanks for all of your hard work Dave.....Duncan Hitchcliffe Mintlaw..passed Dec 2014

Thanks Dave! It took a wee bit of time but chuffed to bits that I passed with only 4 faults!! Couldn't have done it without you! Jane Keir Fyvie passed Nov 2014

Thanks so much to dave for giving me lessons after trying in a manual car many years ago which I wasn't comfortable with,dave is extremely patient and helpful and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have passed so at the age of 52 I have a licence to drive ,thanks so much dave....June Weir Fraserburgh passed Sept 2014

Thank you so much for all your help and support over the past few months. Can't believe that's me now a driver! Thanks again...........Susan Edment Turriff passed Aug 2014....
Just a wee note to say thanks again to Dave for teaching me to be a safe responsible driver. Its sunk in now that the car in front of my house is mine to use as and when I like and the freedom that I now have with two children over the holidays is fantastic! To anyone considering learning with Dave, go for it!!!!

Hi Dave, just can't thank you enough!!! Today's pass is just starting to sink in! I will be recommending you. Thanks for all your help......and patience...Nicola Stewart Inverurie Passed July 2014 

After having 5 useless lessons from my first driving instructor and sitting waiting for my sixth only to be told she had forgotten all about me I went online and found right approach. I emailed dave and he got back to me the same day and agreed to take over my lessons. I can honestly say that from the minute I got in the car I felt at ease with him and he let me drive right away. The learning process was superb and I would highly recommend him if u want to take lessons. I will miss my weekly lesson with him. I passed with 4 minors and I cannot thank you enough dave for getting me through my test. If u want a driving instructor that is patient and friendly dave is definitely the man to teach you. Thanks for all your help, Allison Lowe Mastrick Aberdeen passed June 2014

Hi Dave ,still trying to take in my pass today .Cant thank you enough for all your patience and confidence that I could do it .I can highly recommend that if anyone is nervous and struggling to pass then they should contact you ,made a huge difference to my confidence after many years of struggling.Thank you again, Julie Watt Banff Passed June 2014 with
No Driving Faults

I couldn't thank Dave enough for getting me through my driving test! He has amazing patience and a great way of teaching!!! Highly recommended!!!......Nicole Downie Turriff passed June 2014

Hi Dave,
Here is a wee review of my thoughts for your site:
Been so weird driving on my own and not having a lesson on Tuesday afternoon.
Thank you for all your hard work and encouragement over the last 7 or 8 months.
I was very nervous about learning to drive.
As a 45 year old I had never really driving before.
I knew it was not going to be easy.
But Dave was Very patient!
It took almost 8 months to be ready to set my test.
I past first time with only 4 faults.

"With Right Approach its not only about passing your test.
Its about becoming a safe and good driver". 

Thanks Dave 
Callum Fraserburgh Passed May 2014

"Still can't believe I passed today with 1 fault!!! Brilliant teacher I guess! Highly recommend u to anyone planning on learning! Thanks millions!! :)"Claire MacDonald" Fraserburgh, Passed Feb 2014

Claire Carr Highly recommended Dave to anyone. My confidence was totally shot after 4 yrs of trying. In less than 3 months he got me through my test with only 4 minors.  Passed Jan 2014

Becca Mackie ......Thanks to Dave Lyons for getting me through my test with a first time pass. So patient and has the best way of teaching, highly recommended!!
Passed Sept 2013 on her 1st attempt

Lynne Valentine (mother of 3 )Thanks Dave could not have done it without you and your help and support over these last few months. You have been great, will always be grateful. Taking a wee while to sink in that I am actually a driver now!
 I had bad experiences with another 2 instructors. I was about to give up,but I met Dave and he got me through the test and I have not looked back. I drive everyday now, which is very handy with 3 kids! Thanks Dave.
Passed in the Automatic Aug 2013 ( and another mature student )

Cari Swanson Sim THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! You're the BEST Dave, so grateful for all of your patience and time
Passed in the Automatic July 2013 ( and another of my mature students )

Just passed my test first time today with only 4 minors!! Learning with you has been ace and I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to learn in the future!
Passed in the Manual July 2013
Hi Dave
Finally gotten around to emailing you a big thanks for all your priceless help. Having taken my first lessons over 20 years ago and never had a good experience, I finally decided to try again this year and with your help I passed in a matter of months.
I will certainly recommend you Dave as one of the nicest, most laid back and knowledgeable driving instructors around.
Many thanks,
Lorna Eastwood - Passed in the Automatic May 2013 ( one of my more mature students )

Another 1st time pass, well done Sandra Riesebeek "Thank you for all the fun lessons. Definitely made the learning process easier. Even managed to remember that the car has mirrors in the end! Thanks for helping me pass my test first time"

Another 1st Time Pass, Well done Laura March 2013.

would like to say a big thank you for being a great driving instructor, always so patient and calm with me if I couldn't do something. would definitely recommend Dave Lyons (right approch). really enjoyed learning to drive with him. Thanks :) 
Lyndsey Ogg Turriff, Passed 1st Time March 2013

After a year and a half off learn to drive and going through 3 instructors I’ve passed!!!

I began learning to drive when I was 17 and my first instructor was my worst experience ever.
The second instructor worked me threw my pace and when I was close to sitting my test she stopped giving out driving lessons so I had to find someone to take over in 
Such short notice. 

When I came across Right Approach the details I got over the phone where very reassuring and Dave didn’t waste my time and got me started with him straight away. Learning with Dave was a really good experience, he took me out and about and we never stayed in one place too long, we went out in all weather types which neither of my other instructors did. He’s tone and way of teaching was excellent. 

Dave made me feel in control of the car and when I did a mistake or something wrong he took his time to explain what I had done and how to avoid making the same mistake again. 

I never once felt like Dave was holding me back from sitting my test to get more money off me, in fact- it was the complete opposite.

He encouraged me to practise more so I was prepared for my test. The day of my test I had a driving lesson before hand and Dave kept me really calm and I passed 1st time!!!
I HIGHLY recommend Right Approach to everyone - 10/10!! ‘

Lisa Schembri Turriff, Passed 1st go March 2013

I would just like to say a BiG thank you for being patient and putting up with me! defo the best driving instructor!!:D so chuffed I've passed! only three minors, not bad! haha:) go dave!!
Hannah Marler Turriff Passed Jan 2013

really enjoyed learning with you, your really 
patient which is great didnt stress me out when i had found things difficult.  I still use the way you taught me to park i run it through my head when im parking haha. thanks very much for being a great teacher and getting me through my test! :) Kayla Ironside.
Passed 2012

Dave’s approach was certainly the right one for me. Rather than giving rigid instructions Dave encourages his students to think for themselves and provides a firm foundation of theory and principles which will benefit the driver well beyond their practical test. If you want to be taught properly and effectively by a courteous, patient and engaging instructor you need look no further than Right Approach’.   

Duncan Cameron, Turriff, passed Nov 2012 . 1st attempt only 1 Minor fault.

Hello Dave,

I must thank you again, for being so patient and helpful and helping me pass my driving test!    I have a car already, its a Red Vauxhall Corsa and I love it!
"If you are looking for a driving instructor who is patient and helpful then Dave is your man!   I would highly recommend Dave to anyone thinking about taking driving lessons"

Lauren Tosh Dyce passed Nov 2012

I just want to say thank you for everything you have done and teached me during our lessons. You was very good on telling me what to do and if I did not quiet understand what you meant and you told me a different till I would get it, which was really helpful and I learned so much when it was being described. And the mock driving test was really really helpful and is a really brilliant idea as I felt like I learned more and built up more confidence of trying to do things on my own with no direction. Thank you so much for all you’re help.

Lewis Neish Turriff, passed Nov 2012 1st time.