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Cheap Lessons / Discounts

Looking for cheap lessons or a discount, please read on.

I do not offer either discounts or cheap deals - I am committed to offering good value lessons at a fair price.

I get a steady supply of students who have taken cheap deals or discounted lessons and been less than impressed with what they have received, the most common complaints are:

Being messed about over times/date
Having to meet the instructor somewhere miles from their home
Spending large amounts of the lesson parked at the side of the road not actually driving
Spending large amounts of the lessons chatting about the weather/Tv etc
Only driving on a very small selection of roads often covering a very limited area
Making slow progress through manouvers etc
New and inexperienced instructors still trying to work out how to teach you.
Multiply test fails on silly things.

Instructors who offer these deals need to make up the money they are giving you off otherwise they do not make a living. 
Normally they achieve this by doing as few miles as possible and taking as long as they can to teach you - so in the end you take longer, often failing tests ( £100 or so per go remember ! )  so it ends costing you more and you end up with the minimal experience of driving in the real world. Doesn't sound like much of a bargain to me.

My average lesson covers between 15 and 25 miles per hour ( up to 50 miles on a 2 hour lesson ) , that costs me £10 or more just in the fuel.

I try take my students to as many different places as is practical from their location. 

Wherever possible I try and take my students at different times of the day,  so they get experience of driving at quiet, busy and night time.

I cover both rural and town driving as a matter of course.

I cover 90% of the Pass Plus syllabus during my normal lessons.

An average lesson is 95% drive 5% talking - well you are paying me to teach you to drive and not to talk about last nights tv soaps!

I teach very much at the students own pace, if your a quick learner I won't waste your time and money, if you need the time then you will get it.

I can only do these things because I charge a fair price. 

Most "deals" involve you paying for a block of lessons only then to discover your not getting value.
I am more that happy to take you for single lesson ( 1 hour min ) and if you don't like it you are welcome to try someone else.

So when comparing prices make sure you know what you are getting for your money - the cheapest now is very often not the cheapest in the long term.