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Independent Driving

The driving test was recently changed so that Your driving test will now include approximately twenty minutes of independent driving. 
It is not a test of your navigation skills so don't worry.

During your test you'll have to drive independently by either following:

  • SatNav / GPS instructions , this is set up by the examiner 
  • Traffic direction signs
  • A series of directions
  • or a combination 

It doesn't matter if you don't remember every direction, or if you go the wrong way - that can happen to the most experienced drivers.

Independent driving is not a test of your memory and navigation skills. Driving independently means making your own decisions - this includes deciding when it's safe and appropriate to ask for confirmation about where you're going. These are vital skills that you will need once you have passed your test and driving on your own. I will make sure you are well practiced in the art of independent driving before your test.

If you do go off the independent driving route, it won't affect the result of your test unless you commit a driving fault and the examiner will then help you to get back on the route. You can then continue with the independent driving